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Comic Crusaders Podcast

Feb 27, 2023

Today Al chat with return guest, Writer and CEO of Lesser Known Comics, Mark Brenal. Tune in to learn all about his latest Kickstarter project, Either Them or Us and more…

If you like magic, martial arts, grappling hooks, and rad art work, you’ll definitely want to checkout this comic

Instagram: @lesserknowncomics
Twitter: @lesserkcomics
Facebook: @lesserknowncomics

Either Them or Us Either Them or Us #1 is the first full-length comic that takes place in 1980s Japan where a centuries long feud rages between samurai and witches. Written by Mark Bernal (founder of Lesser Known Comics) and illustrated by Franco Luna (Lesser Known Comics #3 and Goodnight).

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Episode 266 in an unlimited series!

Host: Al Mega
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